Tips Review: March/April 2018


With it being a very quiet midweek spell where I’ve no tips to go up – I thought it apt to post a review of the last couple of months where I have been doing the Over 2.5 Goals 6 Fold method.

Mixed results – if you’ve backed every one so far you will still be well up, but a little frustrated given how many close calls we’ve had!

We’ve had one 38/1 winner (I believe it was much higher elsewhere), two 5/6’s and five 4/6’s that the two games that lost were a goal off in each. That’s 7 of the 14 that didn’t win being oh so close!

Anyway – here’s an in-depth review:






25/42 – 60% accuracy.

3/6 – 5 Acca’s

4/6 – 1 Acca

6/6 – 1 Acca, 38/1 win.


30/48 – 63% accuracy.

2/6 – 2 Acca’s

4/6 – 4 Acca’s

5/6 – 2 Acca’s.


As you can see – very frustrating – but that’s the beauty, and the downfall of picking 6 games. Very profitable when they land, but always that one game. Personally I enjoy them – obviously quite a talent to pick out 6 bets at a decent price, and of the 15 accumulators offered so far I have got at least 4/6 on 8 occasions, and as mentioned on most of those, we were very close to hitting all 6, with a few red cards/missed penalties costing us dearly!

Overall, 55/90 – 61% accuracy, but add in the 38/1 winner and at this point if you’d backed every one with £10 like I have, you are still over £200 up for the last 8 weeks. Hopefully there will be another big win just round the corner!

All the best