Top 10 Tips for Football Betting


When I was younger, I made all sorts of mistakes when betting. Stupid, idiotic mistakes. Literally really silly things that cost me! Here are my top 10 tips on how to avoid that sort of thing happening to any of you:

1. Betting on Stature

We’ve all done it – looking for a few teams to add to an Accumulator. You see a big name – an AC Milan, Inter, Monaco or a Man Utd – playing smaller sides you may not know so well. Always check the form – all four of those for example have had some bad times since they were last great.

2. Always do Research on Form and Injuries

Some teams struggle at home, some are better away…or vice versa. Odds may look good, but usually there are reasons behind them. If a team are missing vital players, or are likely to rest – odds will lengthen.

3. Manager/Transfer Markets – A Huge No-No

These markets are so easily manipulated. Bookies could drop a price if a few bets are placed. Look at the Newcastle manager market – Nigel Worthington dropped from 100/1 to 4/1 inside a couple of hours. People jump on news, thinking something someone knows something they don’t. Worthington is back out to 100/1 now, and the Bookies made a killing. Again, Alan Pardew was as low as 1/2 to leave back in October, and after 6 wins was back out to 50/1. Volatile market not worth putting much money on.

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4. Friendlies/Cup Fixtures

As proven this weekend – odds are low and there is always a shock. Small stakes are okay, but when you see the likes of Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Swansea embarrassed against lower league opposition – it gives you little faith. Friendlies are also pretty poor in the summer – teams often make wholesale changes at the break, play youth team players and generally don’t take them seriously.

5. Stick with what you know

I’ve made the mistake of betting on football all over the world, not knowing anything about the teams involved. My motto is to stick with what you know – as betting on something you are not sure on is pretty much blind betting. If you research the game a bit, then you stand a much better chance.

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6. Bet what you can Afford

Cardinal sin of betting. We’ve all done it. Whacked some cash in from a credit card. Lost. Whacked another amount in. Snowballs pretty quickly and you can lose a lot of money.

7. Backing Massive Favourites

Adding a 1/5 favourite to an Acca is always tempting – but adds little value and more often than not one will draw, or get an early red card. We don’t tend to add anything to tips that is less than 1/2. The problem tends to happen when you try and find value that isn’t there – Handicaps, Win Both Halves etc. Even then, the odds are not brilliant and you need your team to really spank the other side.

8. In-Play Betting

If used well, a good tool to have. If used badly, a wallet buster. The good thing is you can see how the game is panning out, but any team can score at any time – so if you stick a cheeky bet on a half time result, or first goal, it can go wrong very quickly.

9. Internationals/European Qualifying (Champions League etc)

Both of these are similar to cup games – you get low priced favourites playing smaller teams who are relatively unknown. Ties can often be decided on one leg, so a 7-0 win in the first leg can be followed up with a 0-0 draw in the 2nd leg.

10. Bookies – Go with the Trusted

There are tonnes of bookmakers out there, both online and on the street. My best piece of advice is to go with a the trusted few – William Hill, PaddyPower, Bet365 – they may have the odd flaw, but on the whole are the best for a reason. Smaller ones are very quick to limit accounts that win, and after the offers at the start tend to have poor odds, and take time to payout.


By no means are we telling you what to do – at the end of the day it’s completely up to the individual, but from experience we think this is solid advice. Take from it what you will, but by using these guidelines I have saved myself a lot of money and stress.

Best of luck with all bets today!


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