UEFA vs FIFA: The Battle to Determine the Future of Football


It seems that after all of those arrests yesterday, a lot of the world is still behind Sepp Blatter, and still under the influenceof FIFA’s corruption. Removing 14 men from their positions may not be enough – the roots of corruption run much deeper, and beneath each of those men within organisations voting for the next president is more than likely another man ready to take up the ‘Blatter’ mantle…UEFA are the only body, along with possible Oceania, that oppose his reign of tirany. So, the question is – can UEFA win the battle and remove Blatter, and if not what can they do?

Michel Platini has asked Blatter to step down, which fell on deaf ears, obviously. Even all of Europe is not behind him, with Spain and Russia likely to vote for the Swede. Because the current president has been giving hope to upcoming regions of the world, with promises of World Cups in exchange for money – support for him is still high across the world, but in my opinion and that of many, Europe hold the key to this battle. Africa is also a key zone, as Platini has stated there is a new freedom, new democracy and hopes they pick Ali.

In Prince Ali, they have a candidate they can trust, with Europe possessing most of football’s superpowers in the likes of England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and more – a boycott would see sponsors leave so fast they would leave skidmarks. With David Gill refusing to join the FIFA Exco position if Blatter is re-elected, and with Platini suggesting a boycott of the World Cup – it’s Europe’s 54 members that could hold the key.

209 nations vote, and if Ali could get just half of the 155 other members he would stand a terrific chance. South America seems to be under the thumb of Blatter, so that could be many there out of the question. Asia is another that is expected to vote for Blatter, and like mentioned it is widely expected that Spain and Russia will vote for Sepp. FIFA need Europe, but quite frankly I believe UEFA do not need FIFA.

If the worst comes to the worst, a complete boycott of FIFA and even leaving FIFA altogether and setting up as a singular body would be the final option. I wouldn’t think the rest of the world would want a World Cup without European sides, and like mentioned the TV companies and media pay good money to see the best, and without the big sides, sponsors would re-consider their positions within the FIFA circle. A European Championship every 2 years would suit UEFA just fine!

UEFA have the high-ground at the moment, and must ram home the advantage. Ali is down to 5/4 for the race for presidency, and with the vote unlikely to be delayed or postponed, tomorrow is the biggest day in footballing history. If Blatter wins, it could tear football apart into separate entity’s, while if Ali wins, football will start the rebuilding process, and Blatter will disappear off the face of the planet.

The FBI have done a good job so far – the likes of Webb and Warner, Leoz and more are disgusting human beings that are putting themselves and their pocket before every single football fan in the world. Jailing them is a start, and you get the feeling if one cracks and talks, Blatter could be next on their hitlist.

Tomorrow marks the battle of Good vs Evil. We are all praying that Good wins, and Ali comes out on top.

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