Accutipster – What do we do for you?


With the season approaching, and people starting to pick up interest again in the latest odds and tips – we thought we should tell you exactly what we do, to those who are new to Accutipster.

We started a Football Betting Tips Blog in May, no horse racing, purely football. I ran it on twitter for a few months and at the end of the season we decided to make it into a blog. Just getting sorted for the new season, we are writing a lot of season reviews from all over Europe, as well as Transfer window updates and soon Season Previews. We had a lot of success late in the season, with a lot of my friends making some cool cash, had around 10 winners in 10 weeks and many a close bet spoiled by the odd team, all accumulators, and at least 4 fold. Had a good five or six around 4 or 5-1 and four – 15/1, 26/1, 30/1 and 36/1.

We think anyone really serious about making money should stick to singles or doubles under 2/1, but we like to try to make a decent sum for those who only bet maybe £10-20 per week or even month and like a flutter. We give out around 10 bets, ranging from 5 Odds On selections (comprising of team who are under evens), which tend to pay from 4/1 for a typical 4 fold to 30/1 for an 7/8 fold with some good odds, and 5 Positive Odds selections (team who are Evens or over) and the potential odds have reached nearly 300/1 at times, but for the 3/4 folds it tends to be closer to 15-20/1.

I base all these on my statistics model, which I made myself. We send out the statistics, completely free of course – and since March, we have had a 45% success rate of picking wins on the positive odds side (Evens or Over), and 70% on the odds on side (Under Evems), which is posted on the blog. We don’t pick the odd few games thinking of our success rates, we pick a great selection from all around Europe, usually 30-40 games in each category that we think have a better than 50% chance of winning, if not more (we give a rating when we send the statistics). We do some midweek games, but as we started so late most had finished or reached the latter stages of competitions, which can go either way and hang in the balance!

If anyone is interested, please follow on twitter ( or Facebook ( or even sign up for newsletters (once we get it fully operational, few teething problems with Word Press) at and we should make you a bit of cash. If you have any questions please email us, either on twitter or facebook – or contact us on the Blog (


Will and James