Will Qatar 2022 World Cup Go Ahead?


There has been much debate over this – even FIFA and UEFA executives questioning the choosing of Qatar as host for the 2022 World Cup – and it begs the question ‘Will it actually go ahead?’. Here are the key arguments for why it will not:

Weather/Heat Issues

The much-talked about weather conditions and heat there make it a key reason. Humidity levels, as well as temperatures. It has been decided that it will take place in winter now. It would be ridiculous to put players and spectators at risk of life-threatening conditions, simply to host a World Cup there.

Winter World Cup?

Summer conditions there would be far too high, even with air-conditioned stadia. It will not be in the summer, which means it will be in winter, which for European football would cause massive disruption to the domestic season, and each season before and after. Would FIFA really screw up such a good thing? For money…probably.

Potential Law-Suits

Pretty much all of Europe have threatened to sue FIFA should they do the above. 76% of players at the last World Cup were contracted to European clubs. The thinking seems to be it would affect these clubs the worst, so they are demanding compensation if a winter World Cup goes ahead. In South America, seasons run from march to october/november, so they would not be as affected, as FIFA want to do a Nov/Dec or Jan/Feb tournament.


The decision to hold it there is of concern – the recent Garcia report has looked in to potential corruption, but FIFA do not want the report published, yet everyone else does. This could be because it will reveal something that they do not want people to know. There are several countries that could host it at short notice – the likes of England absolutely perfect!

It has been revealed today that the Mongolian FA president took bribes from Bin-Hammam between 2009 and 2011 relating to his support of getting Hammam elected into FIFA. Bin-Hammam was a key part in getting Qatar the World Cup – makes you think, who else and what else has been done?

Whatever happens, despite it being 8 years away, I don’t think it will be held there. There are too many obstacles to get over, and in the end I think FIFA will bow to pressure from all corners of football, and renege on their decision to award Qatar footballs’ most prestigious tournament!