Will the FA finally punish Diving?


Time and time again we see players in the Premier League fall to the floor like a sack of spuds when they have barely been touched, often not at all – and unfortunately it is spreading like a disease. Ashley Young is one who is guilty, but one of the worst is Luis Suarez – and by the looks of things it is spreading with Danny Sturridge winning a penalty against Man Utd, deceiving the referee into thinking Nemanja Vidic made contact. The question is now though – what should be done with those caught in the act?

A few weeks back, Tony Pulis (Now at Palace) asked the FA to ban two of his own players for diving as he was sick of it and wanted it eradicated from the game. It seems that this has been brought in by foreign players who, in their country, see it as a way of doing their job – winning. You tend to find that foreign managers in England are tight lipped on the subject, but British managers are quick to lambast their player who, although Brendan Rodgers had little to say in the last 18 months, with Suarez a multiple offender.

So – what should be done? What punishment is fair? In my opinion, this should be a system used – if not caught during the game (Retrospective Action, so to speak):

  1. One game ban for a first offence, with it increasing if the player re-offends
  2. A hefty fine – starting with a weeks’ wage
  3. If persistent – possibly deducting any points gained from the actions of said player, or dive (So if the penalty won the game whilst at 1-1, 2-2 etc, the result is changed back to what it was).

These three simple steps would eradicate diving, and rat out the serial offenders. Players may not care about fines, with them earning millions, but if their actions cost points, the club’s owners may see it differently. It may be a little extreme, but it is becoming an irritating problem. It would bring out a little honesty and decency in players, and clean the game up a little. I think the Premier League can be saved – La Liga, no chance. Every game you have numerous players try to con the ref.

What do you all think? We would love to hear your opinions on our suggestions!