Winter-Break: Why Will the FA not introduce one?


In most European leagues, between the start of December and 20th (ish) until around mid-Jan/start of February they have a winter break. It allows players time to recover after the first 4/5 months, and time at Christmas to spend with Families. For some reason, The FA/Premier League/Football League will not have any of this, and therefore fans travel all over Christmas up and down the country to watch their team – and with increasingly poor weather, often snow as well as abandonments, you have to think, why do we not have one?

It would allow families to spend more time together, decrease the amount of traffic and accidents on motorways and let players have a breather, spending time with loved ones. But why wont the leagues ratify this?

Obviously in England, the FA Cup begins (3rd Round) in January, and you have the 4th Round at the end of Jan. Why not do rounds’ 3, 4 and 5 in a 10 day period, allowing games that should be played in late December/early January to be played in the weeks where these games would take place, and add the odd midweek fixture in when there are gaps between Champions League rounds?

The other reason is the Champions League/Europa League – once you reach mid-February there are games every two weeks, and you cannot have league/cup games in and around the games as FIFA says it detracts attention from them (god forbid). Then you have the CL/EL finals, and the FA seems to want the league’s finished by this point, where the other leagues with 20 teams play on into early June – why not do this?


So, lets say the last Premier League games was last weekends’ – even a three week break would be so beneficial to clubs, fans and players, ease motorway congestion and safety concerns and allow everyone to have a quiet Christmas, not need to travel! When it ends, have a 10 day period to resolve the early rounds (3, 4 and 5) of the FA Cup and fit the 3 games over Christmas in during the gaps created by playing early rounds all at once.

Very simple! Lets all hope that one day the FA will realise this, and stop the madness!